Valdosta Divorce Contempt Lawyer

If your spouse has disregarded the terms of a court order, they may be found in contempt, the consequences of which go beyond simple fines. If your spouse is found in contempt, he or she could be required to pay damages, attorneys fees and could even face jail time. The stigma of being found in contempt will also likely be taken into consideration should any further disputes arise between you and your former spouse. Because of the severity of a contempt of court charge, it is a highly effective way to help you enforce court orders that have been disregarded by your spouse.

Filing Contempt of Court: Lowndes County Attorney

When you schedule a free initial consultation with me, Valdosta divorce contempt attorney, John D. Holt, I will take you through the steps necessary to be effective in proving your spouse is in contempt of a court order. This process generally involves:

  1. Drafting of a warning letter: A detailed warning letter is necessary to solidify that you have done all you can to enforce the court order on your own, and that you will be seeking lawyers fees if you are forced to file a contempt.
  2. Maintaining thorough documentation of all instances and evidence of contempt: To most effectively prove your spouse is in contempt of a court order, and gain ground in visitation, child custody or child support enforcement, you should maintain thorough records of the instances in which the court order was not upheld.
  3. Filing a contempt with the court, showing that your spouse has failed to abide by the order: Court orders involving the transfer of money are more easily punishable because the terms are black and white. Still, it is valuable to file contempt for any court order that has been disregarded by your spouse.
  4. Attending a contempt hearing: A high percentage of contempts that are filed end up in a hearing due to the low cost of litigation. Showing up well prepared, with experienced representation, is integral in achieving results.

I encourage you to set up a free initial consultation today, during which we will take the time to have a straightforward discussion of the details of your case, address your concerns and work to determine the best legal options available to you. Contact my Georgia-based law office by e-mail or by phone at 229-233-4138. I welcome your call.

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