Valdosta Child Custody Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights and Your Family

While your child is still a minor, child custody issues are bound to arise. This is especially true if your relationship with your former spouse is not collaborative and cordial. If the terms of your divorce are not being upheld, and a custody dispute has arisen post-divorce, modifications can be made with the help of Valdosta child custody attorney, John D. Holt.

Many different factors can cause a custody modification to be made. Some examples include:

  • Major changes in residence location, thereby affecting noncustodial parental rights
  • Major changes in employment or the time that a custodial parent can spend with the child
  • Major changes in custodial parent behaviors (i.e., drug abuse issues, domestic violence and abuse)
  • Changes in child's preference as he or she gets older and is able to make such decisions

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Long-Distance Custody Issues and Methods Used in Resolution

Under the O.C.G.A. (Official Code of Georgia Annotated), whatever state that an initial custody action has been filed in must determine the jurisdiction of custody decisions. This is necessary to consider in instances where a custodial parent attempts to move, thereby taking the child of a divorce to a different state and disrupting visitation and parenting rights of the noncustodial parent. I am licensed to practice in both Georgia and Florida. This dual licensure has helped many of my clients arrive at swift resolutions in child custody modifications and other post-divorce conflicts.

Even simple modifications in long-distance custody issues can be highly valuable. "Virtual visitation" rights can be arranged using online communication tools. There may also be stipulations regarding what parent must pay for travel arrangements between households during visitation time. My skill in both settlements and in litigation can help you arrive at reasonable, fair resolutions that keep your family's best interests in mind.

Lowndes County Custody Modification Attorney

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Spanish language interpretation is available as needed.