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Recently, Georgia guidelines in child support and spousal support (alimony) were modified. Calculations of financial support that a noncustodial parent or primary breadwinner must provide to a former spouse have gone from simple percentages to more complex spreadsheets that take many factors into account.

If you are going through a divorce or need to have financial support agreements modified post-divorce, contacting Valdosta child support attorney, John D. Holt, will provide your best chance in arriving at fair and reasonable agreements.

Lowndes County Child Support Modification Attorney

Your life and the lives of your family members have likely changed since the finalization of your divorce. These changes can influence variations that should be made in the financial support that you pay to or receive from your spouse. Some of these deviation factors include:

Child Support Deviations

  • The existence of other children that were not involved in the initial child support calculation
  • Changes in your income level due to employment, investments or something else
  • The payment of alternative child benefits (i.e., life insurance, medical expenses, educational expenses, day care)
  • The payment of mortgages or rent that the child benefits from
  • Changes in the initial parenting time agreement and the amount of time that the child spends in each household

Spousal Support Deviations

  • Changes in employment and income levels
  • Retirement status
  • New marriages and blended family situations

Choosing a lawyer who is highly experienced in post-divorce modifications, litigation and dispute resolution can help you keep your best interests in mind and keep your finances protected.

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